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CH Electric Popcorn Maker Machine Hot Air Oil-Free1200W

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CH Electric Popcorn Maker Machine Hot Air Oil-Free1200W


  • Rated Power: 1200W
  • Material: PP+metal
  • Size: 12 x 11.5 x 26 cm
  • Voltage: 230V~50Hz
  • Color: red
  • Model: RH-903

*1. Fast and Efficient. All popcorns are ready in less than 3 minutes, and this popcorn maker pops faster than a microwave. The popcorn machine pops each and every kernel evenly and quickly, up to 98% popping rate.
*2. Easy Operation. Add a single spoon of kernels into the main chamber, then start it. The transparent cover allows you to monitor the whole process. An aluminum turbine chamber heats evenly and the air is used to eject popcorn when ready, low noise.
*3. Easy Cleaning. The machine heats up the air to pop the corn. Oil-free and healthy. Easy to clean by a swift swipe of the interior using a paper towel or cloth.
*4. Healthy Poping. No artificial flavors, preservatives, or added salt, corns are uniformly heated fast, more healthy, and safe for consumption as compared to microwaves.

*1. Add condensed milk, butter, cream after the corns are popped rather than before it.
*2. Do not touch the surface when the machine is operating.
*3. Add 50-70 grams of corn once.
*4. The machine needs to cool down for 10min after continuous working for 5min.
*5. Do not start it empty.

Package Includes:
1 x Popcorn Machine