CH Silicon Anti Blocking Floor/Sink Drain Cover 4pc Pack in Random Color

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CH Silicon Anti Blocking Floor Drain 4pc Pack Accessories in Random Color

  • Easy to use: The hair extension works by wrapping the hair around small bumps around the edges. Water flows through them and enters the drain through the holes.

  • High quality: Our amazing drain plugs for kitchens and bathrooms are made of durable, strong, and flexible thermoplastic rubber.

  • Multi-purpose: widely used in kitchen sinks, clothing drains, bathroom drains, washbasins and bathtub drains, and any place where you want to stop and capture residue.

  • Easy to disassemble and install: connect the drainpipe to the corresponding sink. When removing, simply remove the trap from the catcher and move on.

  • Anti-skid design: In order to avoid all accidents, we added a suction cup at the bottom of the flat silicone plug to prevent sliding or slipping on the wet floor. In this way, using a shower is easier and safer than ever.

  • Note: Customers will get the random available colors of the floor drain.

They just sit on the drain. They can work very well. Just make sure you accidentally move it.

Made of soft thermoplastic rubber, non-slip, with resilience and abrasion resistance. Extremely durable to use.

Widely used scenes for bathrooms, laundry, bathtubs, kitchens, etc.

The raised design effectively blocks hair and other debris, and the filter shower drain protects the flat filter plug.

The hair extension can be fixed on the bathtub floor and it is not easy to move. Made of soft and waterproof material, it will not rust.

Perfect in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry, suitable for most basins, sewers, sinks, and tilting sinks.


CH Silicon Anti Blocking Floor/Sink Drain Cover 4pc Pack in Random Color
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